Transforming a space from lackluster to luxurious doesn’t always require a complete overhaul. Sometimes, the key lies beneath our feet. Lamiwood wooden floors, known for its durability, affordability, and aesthetic versatility, has become a favorite tool for designers and homeowners alike in breathing new life into tired spaces. This blog showcases several remarkable before-and-after makeovers using Wooden flooring, illustrating just how impactful a flooring update can be.

The Living Room Reimagined

Before: The initial living room was characterized by outdated, worn carpeting that had seen better days. The dull beige color of the carpet did little to highlight the room’s natural light or the architectural features of the space.

After: Opting for rich, walnut wood flooring immediately transformed the room into a warm, inviting space. The deep tones of the wood brought out the elegance of the existing furniture and created a striking contrast with the lighter walls, making the room appear larger and more cohesive. The addition of a plush area rug anchored the seating area, adding texture and comfort without detracting from the beauty of the flooring.

The Kitchen Glow-Up

Before: The kitchen flooring was functional but far from inspiring. Over time, the pattern had faded, and the surface showed signs of wear, contributing to the kitchen’s overall dated appearance.

After: Installing a light oak lamiwood flooring infused the kitchen with warmth and modernity. The lighter floor reflected more natural light, enhancing the sense of space and complementing the white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. The transformation was not only visual; the durability and ease of maintenance of the flooring made it an ideal choice for the high-traffic kitchen area.

The Bedroom Oasis

Before: The bedroom’s old, dark hardwood wooden floors made the space feel small and cramped. Despite being a natural material, the wood was scratched and lacked the luster it once had, contributing to the room’s dreary ambiance.

After: Swapping the old hardwood for a Scandinavian-inspired, light gray wood flooring turned the bedroom into a serene, spacious retreat. The modern, minimalist floor served as the perfect backdrop for bold, colorful textiles and decor, allowing personality to shine through. The room now exudes a tranquil, airy vibe, inviting relaxation.

The Home Office Transformation

Before: The home office was initially a multipurpose space that lacked identity, with mismatched furniture and a nondescript carpet that did little to inspire creativity or productivity.

After: Laying down a medium-toned hickory wood flooring delineated the office area from the rest of the home, providing a distinct, professional feel. The warmth of the wood added character and sophistication, while its smooth surface made it easy to move office chairs and furniture as needed. Strategic placement of rugs defined different zones within the office, such as a seating area for reading and a desk area for work.

The Entryway Makeover

Before: The entryway’s existing tile flooring was cold and unwelcoming, and showed every speck of dirt and debris brought in from outside.

After: Replacing the tile with a dark, slate-look flooring revolutionized the entryway into a striking first impression for the home. The wooden or laminate flooring texture and color provided the durability needed for a high-traffic area while offering the aesthetic of natural stone. Paired with a bright runner and modern wall decor, the entryway became a preview of the home’s newfound elegance.


These before-and-after makeovers illustrate the transformative power of wooden flooring in various home environments. From creating a cozy living space to modernizing a functional kitchen, the right lamiwood can turn any drab area into a fabulously designed space. With its wide range of styles, colors, and finishes, lamiwood offers endless possibilities for homeowners looking to upgrade their interiors. Whether you’re dreaming of a subtle refresh or a dramatic renovation, consider the impact of wood flooring on your next project.