When it comes to picking the perfect flooring for different locations of your space either for your commercial needs or choosing to floor for your home, there are certain factors to consider before selecting the flooring for your specific needs. 

Even if Carpet and hardwood flooring are two of the most common flooring materials, both are entirely dissimilar from each other. One is totally artificial, soft and has a short lifespan of around 15 years while the other is completely natural, hard and lasts up to 100 years. Yet both materials have their own specific features that make them the perfect fit in specific environments. So before making any choice take a deep look into the pros and cons of Carpet & Hardwood floors and allow yourself to make a great investment for your space. 


If we talk about the appearance both carpet and hardwood flooring come in a variety of shades, colours and textures to ensure meeting approximately any specific need of interior design. Hardwood flooring is considered to be a luxurious option because of its natural wood-tone colours and pattern of the wood’s grain depending on the types of wood – such as oak and pine. 

Wood has always been the first choice of homeowners for the traditionally classic look of homes, plus there are many strains available in the market that you can apply to change the look of flooring from light to dark shade or somewhere in between. On the other hand, Carpet is completely different from hardwood flooring depending on the type of loom and pile you choose. It comes in hundreds of styles, shades and also you can mix and match colours and shades based on the interior design of your room. 

Although Carpet offers more variety in terms of colour, shades and is now available in wood-look too still hardwood flooring is a prestigious choice in flooring due to its surfaces and wood that fits perfectly with the current design and trends.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Each flooring has its pros and cons when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. So, which one is better? Hardwood floors or carpet? 

Hardwood flooring is easy to clean and maintain because it has a solid surface that can be wiped on a regular basis to collect all of the dust elements and dirt beneath the surface. Moreover, you can easily notice the dust, stains on a hardwood floor than carpet and needs vacuum at least thrice a week to maintain its appearance and condition. While Carpet is a little tougher to keep clean because dust and bacteria can easily settle within the fibres of a carpet and stay hidden from your vision. Carpets are known as a poor flooring material especially for high-traffic areas such as lobby, living room at home or any commercial space such as restaurants, shops, offices. It is also not appropriate for families with pets as it could never be perfectly clean.


With routine maintenance and care, hardwood flooring can last up to a decade. Although Hardwood floors can bend with too much liquid revelation or could get scratches from furniture movement or more shoe circulation, though you can refinish, re-stain wood floors with a good-quality polyurethane varnish up to 10 times over their lifespans, depending on the quality of wood.

On the contrary, carpet is not a durable flooring option because if a tear or permanent tint occurs, you have to replace it, at least the dented section.

Additionally, a carpeted floor needs a full replacement every five to ten years, 

It’s rare that a carpet will last more than a decade even after receiving a deep cleaning from a professional cleaning service occasionally. Here also hardwood flooring embraces a key advantage over the carpet when it comes to longevity.

Comfort & Convenience

Many people think about the comfort and feel while choosing to the floor as Carpet is soft and feels spongy beneath unshod while hardwood flooring can be harsh on your feet but the fact is Carpet is made from severe chemicals or refined unnatural products that may easily attract bugs which can be difficult for people who sufferers from various allergies. People who are concerned about using green building materials can opt for Hardwood because it is made from a natural material (trees) and supports an environment-friendly way of living.

Thus, with the elegant appearance, long-lasting capacity and better investment value Hardwood Flooring is undoubtedly superior to the carpet. 

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