If you’re wondering what the term parquet is – it is usually used as a blanket term to describe flooring which includes patterns. So, the chevron and herringbone patterns come under parquet floorings. It can also incorporate other geometrical patterns such as triangles, squares, or curves.

People generally got confuse between both these patterns because they do not understand the basic differences between the patterns or designs available and they then start looking for expert advice from professional people.

So, we are here to help you with some updated and in trend information about the most used patterns in flooring Chevron & Herringbone which will make your space look better.

Difference in Pattern Style

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Herringbone pattern typically follows a broken zig-zag pattern style to give an interesting look to the room. It comes with staggered planks with the straight edge of one plank aligned with the side of the next. On the other hand, Chevron pattern is a continuous zig-zag pattern that is created by arranging planks cut at an angle and placed to meet in a straight line. It also adds consistency to your floor with a V-shaped pattern.

Angle Variations

The major and prominent difference between Herringbone and Chevron flooring is their distinctive cutting angels or corners. The ends of chevron planks are cut at a 45-degree angle giving it a continuous pattern look while Herringbone planks are cut at a 90-degree angle creating a staggered pattern.


Cutting & Wastage

While creating the Herringbone pattern, fewer cuts are made and therefore, less amount of wood is wasted than Chevron. Herringbone floor doesn’t require any special or additional cutting to be laid as it uses standard rectangular planks, which can be easily found at any hardware store. Basically you save on some installation cost and wastage in wooden planks compared to laying the Chevron style.

Different Interior Perspectives

Herringbone Vs Chevron Flooring Comparison Guide-lamiwood-floors

If you are looking for a traditional or timeless appearance for your home or office then Herringbone will get fit to the imagination as it has been used by Romans since the 16th Century and are still prevalent to be people’s first choice. But if you want a modern and stylish pattern with warm tones then modern chevron parquet style will give your space an instant European appearance. The chevron design also complements most of the interior design patterns so there is no need for renovation of interiors too.


Visual Disparity

As Herringbone pattern is the broken zigzag design, it offers less expansion of the planks. Since planks are pushed against each other which makes them unable to move or expand, they also make the area look smaller in dimension. On the contrary Chevron maintains the uniformity in the pattern. It is beneficial for small rooms because it has the tendency to create an optical impression of increasing the dimensions of small areas. That means they automatically look larger in the area to the human eyes.


Cost distinctions

When it comes to the investment, Chevron seems to be more expensive than Herringbone because the cutting and precision angle require more labour and demand professionals to perform the task. Failing to do so and trying to opt for DIY can result in loss of capital/money. Therefore, it is important to hire professionals for installation.

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