Choosing an ideal floor for a house is one of the most significant parts of renovation that a homeowner has got to affect. Although there are different types of wooden flooring available for home design, high durability and value are considered to be the most demanding option for your space. This guide to picking perfect wooden floors will certainly help you in finding the flawless style and shades for your home.


Engineered wood flooring is the most cost-effective option that offers excessive flexibility. It is formed up from multiple layers of wood glued together which is a beautiful alternative solution to solid wood flooring. Their core layers comprise spruce, pine and different other woods while its top layer has real and genuine woods. Engineered flooring provides great stability in humid locations because its plywood construction makes it more stable and less vulnerable to warping. If you have installed an Engineered floor in your space, you can enjoy it for several years and the inconsistent moisture and temperature level will never affect your flooring.


Solid wood flooring refers to the original form of wood which is 100% genuine and comes straight from the sawmill to the factory. This kind of wooden flooring is made from fresh, raw planks of hardwood and each board is cut down to the specified length and size, typically between 18 and 25 centimetres. Solid woods are often cut in three different ways including flat-sawn, which is the most accepted style that has a triangular grain, quarter-sawn where the fabric is split up into quarters and rift-sawn which gives a finish. After completion of the cutting process, the fabric is used to put into a kiln for drying and then finished within the kiln. It is recognized to last years if installed correctly. This is an excellent solution to elevate the style of your home and to give it a rustic and natural feel.


Parquet floors are small pieces of hardwood either solid or engineered hardwood which are arranged in a repeating pattern or criss-cross pattern including herringbone and chevron flooring in a variety of shades and styles. While Parquet flooring is a traditional style of flooring that used to be seen in almost every home during the 1960s in the U.S now can be found in modern home designs and commercial places all over the world. If you are looking for an option that can bring luxury plus style to every space in your home then a parquet floor is an eternal choice to make.


Laminate flooring is a multi-layered, contemporary flooring with exceptional durability which comes in a variety of colours and wood-look species, like pine, maple, cherry and oak. It typically consists of 4 layers – backing, core, image design and the wear layer. The image design will show you the print of the wood and the wear layer protects it against moisture and gives it durability. Due to its water-resistant feature, it is an ideal flooring to use in areas like the kitchen and toilet.

Of course, all of those wood floor types are available in abundant designs, colours and finishes but before making any choice ask yourself what you would value most in your floor and which one will give you more ability to stain and refinish in the future. Only after having an idea of what you may need in the years to come can help you decide what the best wooden flooring is. Every flooring has its pros and cons and is a remarkably sophisticated option but only you can know which one suits your requirements and budget in the best manner. So, with this easy guide to picking the best wooden floor for your residence or commercial space, choose a reliable dealer who offers high consistency in wood species, grade, finish, thickness and colouring that can add artistic value to your house within a reasonable budget.

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