Fireproof Wood Flooring demand has eventually increased in 2022 because every year almost 9200 lives are lost due to residential fires in India which often evoke due to discarded smoking materials, cigarette ashes, clothes dryers, heaters or heats up with extended use of any electronic devices. Now a days, Fire safety is becoming an important aspect for consumers, when it comes to interior design and decoration, people are choosing security and safety before any visual characteristic.

So it is vital to understand the benefits of using fire proof wood flooring especially at home where we cannot take the safety of our loved ones for granted. The demand of fireproof flooring increases when sustainable thinking becomes more predominant. Even in public areas such as schools, shopping canters and theatres, flooring can be a hazard and susceptible to fire damage.

Fire retardant wooden plank prevents or slow down the development of fire ignition through a variety of physical, chemical methods, finishes and surface coatings that are added to manufacture fire safe materials to reduce the devastating effect of fire on property, people, and the environment.

So being a responsible homeowner, a fire-safe wood flooring should be your first option to minimize the risk of fire.

In this blog we will discuss the advantages of using Lamiwood’s Fireproof Wooden Flooring for your home or office space: –

Prevent Fires from Breaking Out

Wood mostly is among the highly flammable floorboard options and its fire resistance properties is mainly determined by its composition.

Lamiwood’s Unify collection is composed of wood fibres pressed closely together, then covered with paper or a decorative foil. The third layer is made up of HDF- High-Density Fibre Board which has a density of 900Kg/m3. These layers are joined together with an adhesive and then covered with an extra layer of protection that is hard for a fire to break through. In order to prevent the growth of fire, this coating creates a protective layer that chars or foams between the substance and the air, preventing it from igniting.

Contain Zero Formaldehyde


Being an artificial wood flooring material laminate manufactures through a process called off-gassing in which chemicals are released into the air. Lamiwood Unify laminate flooring collection contain Zero Formaldehyde and tested with Formaldehyde emissions standards in TSCA Title VI for no formaldehyde laminate wood flooring which means it does not have any toxic components in the whole manufacturing process.


Environmentally Safe


Lamiwood laminate wood floor is an eco-friendly choice as It’s made with recycled wood fibres and free of air polluting chemicals. Moreover, it requires no special glues or adhesives during installation. Using the Click profile, individual panels can be joined together quickly and easily. With the use of environmentally friendly materials in its manufacturing as well as the frequent re-use of these materials, Lamiwood Original laminate flooring has a long lifecycle that is eco-friendly from beginning to end.


Save Money on Insurance Coverage

Since fire is one of the leading causes of property destruction where frequently fire catches due to the electrical circuits, gas stove accidents, burning cigarettes, fallen candles and overheating disasters. Most of the insurance company always determine the risk factor of a residential property for fire damage so in order to that they offer a relatively low premium on home insurance policy for the category of homes that are improbable to experience much damage in a fire.


Certified Non-toxic Material

The Unify laminate flooring collection is a complete non-toxic material with Low VOC (volatile organic compound) content of 0.3–7.99%, and has been tested and certified for meeting the toughest indoor air quality standards and contributes to credits for green building material. To reduce the health hazards in your home, it’s important to prioritize non-toxic flooring option.


A Complete Family Friendly Floor


Since Unify laminate comes with all features, required to withstand spills and messes, everyday wear & tear, and scratches, it is an ideal flooring choice for the house with pets and children. Designed with easy-to-clean properties, it is a great family friendly flooring option.



Despite of having numerous features Lamiwood Unify Collection offers you the look and feel of actual real wood in half of the price of hardwood So, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience, safety, style for cost. It comes on a very reasonable cost and make your home appear stylish without puting any burden on your pocket.


We hope that you can now understand that why UNIFY Laminate Wooden Flooring will be the safest choice for your home. Always take time to check that your flooring meets the highest safety standards and does not pose an imminent fire threat. If you are still unsure then please do get in touch with us at