Laminate flooring is an artificial wood floor that has been designed to appear like a natural wooden floor. It consists of four separate layers and each serves its distinct purpose to create quality, durability, aesthetic and feel of real wood. Due to a cheaper substitute to solid wood, ease of installation, and higher performance Laminate is the most popular flooring option among the homeowners.

Laminate Wood Flooring Layers

Layers of Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is made up of four primary layers where each plays a specific role in either appearance or durability of the floor. Here it is – 

Top Layer – This top core works as a shield for design layer to protect it from color fading, scrapes, scratches and any other type of damage that can change the look and feel of wood plank. Our top surface covers the design layer with α-Al2O3 – which is the second hardest substance in the world after diamond and acts as a transparent protective sheet.

Design Layer – This is the surface which contains a high-resolution printed image design to give the plank its unique appearance.

Core Layer – The core- middle layer is made up of HDF- High-Density Fibre Board which has a density of 900Kg/m3. It is a wooden design sheet which has different colors and grains that makes the floor attractive and is covered by a transparent overlay to protect the floorboard against abrasion & everyday footfall. This coating gives laminate plank its maximum strength to fight against indentations and moisture.

Balancing Layer – The base or a barrier layer is made up of the same thickness as the top one which prevents the plank to warp and bend and also stops humidity and dampness preventing the floorboards from deforming.

Laminate Flooring Construction

Construction of Laminate Flooring

Lamiwood’s Laminated Wood Flooring is made up of 4 coatings, Balancing Layer (bottom one) Core layer (second last one in construction) Design layer (the very next to top layer) The Wear layer (top laminate flooring layer). The protective and design layer is pressed on the HDF board under high temperature and pressure along with the balance layer to form the flooring board. While laminating the layers together to make a floorboard, the top texture of the floor is also matched with the wood grain to give it a natural feel, thus our flooring gives the feel and touch of natural wood. High definition & refined printing process eliminates any difference between the picture and the natural wood.

About Laminate Flooring Material

Laminate Floor Material

Lamiwood’s laminated floors are an eco-friendly product, as the HDF board is made from waste or recycled wood, now u can have your flooring without immolating trees. In an extension of giving you a wood look, Lamiwood Floors are also worry-free and the most durable flooring solution for you.

Our laminated planks offer impressive authenticity that recreates the look and feel of real hardwood while remaining a great cost-effective solution for every budget. These laminated floorboards are fully compatible with water underfloor heating systems and use 5G-click technology for a quick professional or DIY install. There’s a Lamiwood laminated floor for every budget and the maintenance is just mopping the floor with a damp cloth which makes our laminate flooring the most desirable in the market.

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